Healing Waters / Additional Beverages


Healing Waters

Power-Energy Boost Rush (Plant-sourced Liquid B & D3 Vitamins), Liquid Light (72 Plant-source Minerals)

Renew-Re-energize Coconut water, Zeolite (Mineral based toxic eliminator) & re-mineralized Water

Serenity-Calming Cucumber, mint minerals & re-mineralized Water


Additional Beverages 

zinger.jpgZinger-Immunity Boosters kill viruses and bacteria with this orange, lemon, ginger, mineral blend, coupled with the warmth of oregano oil. A local favorite!


 Superhero Smoothie-Superfood Meal in a glass high-protein, high-mineral, zero-sugar. Great meal replacement or post workout beverage. Prepared 12 0z or Blend Your Own (Just add water) 42oz


Warm Beverages 

Reishi Hot Chocolate (Blend Your Own) Medicinal mushrooms blended with raw chocolate, a great coffee alternative.

Turmeric Tea is a warm cup of goodness with good for you ingredients.

Reishi Espressi (Blend Your Own or Prepared) A reishi and chaga mushrooms blend with other high quality ingredients that make this "espressi-cally" delicious. 


Always Organic, Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Soy Free.

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