Soups (12 oz or quart)


Carrot Ginger pureed, warming nutritious bowl, eat cold or rewarm gently. 12oz


Tomato Basil great for Summertime, very refreshing. 12oz

Pumpkin Lentil Stew enjoy cold or warm gently. 12 oz


 Kale best kale salad ever, dressed with lemon, olive oil and avocado. Topped with carrot, beet, raisin and pumpkin seeds.

Curry Quinoa tri-colored high-protein, dressed with creamy curry sauce, topped with raisins, celery and sweet peppers on top of a bed of spinach.-mlp6358.jpg

Arugula spicy arugula topped with high protein hemp seeds, goji berries, celery and sweet peppers with a side of balsamic vinaigrette.

Santorini Salad  zucchini noodles with basil pesto and Almond "ricotta cheese" topped with cherry tomatoes and sun dried olives. 



Corn Tamales corn and cashew filling stuffed into romaine leaves with a salsa fresca, fresh mango salsa and a chocolate mole. 

Carrot Lentil Burgers four protein patties spiced with cumin and  cilantr-mlp6485.jpgo served with a creamy dipping sauce.

  Tabouli tri-color quinoa lightly dressed with    lemon, olive oil, mint, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. 


What's for Dessert?

pwr-brwns.jpg Power Brownies more than a sweet treat- infused with maca and spirulina for sustained energy. Contains walnuts.

Chocolate Diable Mousse cashews and raw cacao powder blended with creamy avocado and cayenne topped with cacao nibs.

Pumpkin Mousse creamy and delicious with cinnamon and vanilla. Contains cashews.

Cashew Custard dessert or breakfast - taste the orange zest served with our earthy-crunchy granola.

Cacao Chip Cookies cookie dough? Contains walnuts.

Maca Macaroons maca and coconut sweets. Contains Brazil Nuts.untitled-2.jpg


More Items, Not To Be Missed!

  • Earthy Crunchy Granola; no grains, Brazil nuts, sprouted almonds, pecans not too sweet and super chunky (pairs well with our Superhero Smoothie) 4 oz or 16 oz
  • Various organic raw, vegan bulk items.
  • Supplements and products to improve daily life.


Please ask for full ingredient listing if you have allergy concerns.


Always Organic, Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Soy Free.

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